Voice Lessons- 
Kerri is a professionally trained Voice Coach who teaches voice lessons to the singer enthusiast.  Kerri knows how to teach good tone to help any persons sing better!  Kerri received her Voice Music Degree under the Instruction of Dr. Linda Banister from Georgia Regents University and tho trained classically, Kerri favors ALL Genres..."It all depends upon the students interest and what they want to sing".
If your looking to learn better voice skills for your own personal enjoyment, vocal auditions, singing career and educational music opportunities you want to have Kerri as your Voice Coach.  Kerri is known for teaching a student to sing their best tones and present their songs with confidence.  She can not only spot the interferences to a voice students best tone but Kerri's years of coaching experience and her own university vocal degree makes her the best at coaching students to better vocal habits.  Under Kerri's Voice Coaching within no time you will produce the captivating Tones that will make YOU a desired singing voice others will want to listen to 'again and again'.  WIN ANY VOICE COMPETITION WITH KERRI AT YOUR SIDE AS YOUR OWN PRIVATE VOICE INSTRUCTOR.  Call today a lesson! 801-349-5711