• Project Management

    Need to complete mission critical projects fast? 5 to 1 Music Studio has been successfully leading projects for more than 5 years. We can help you document the project requirements, develop a realistic schedule, and manage the project through completion. Our proven ability to deliver quality results...
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  • Financial Analysis

    Companies are always looking for ways to improve profitability of their business. 5 to 1 Music Studio has deep experience in reviewing the financials of a business and discovering areas that greatly impact profitability. We’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve financial success through careful...
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  • Office Space Planning

    Businesses must adapt to meet their changing space requirements. Companies all over thus find themselves having to expand, contract, or relocate their offices every so often. 5 to 1 Music Studio is the leader in helping companies optimize space utilization. We can assist you in determining the total...
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