Nathan Boyle

Guitar and Songwriting


Nathan also learned piano at a young age and performed several of his songs at restrauants and talent shows.  At age 6 he played the violin taking Suzuki Lessons and later played violin for Duke Chrildren's Orchestra and Davidson's Fine Arts Orchestra.  At age 13 he began playing the trumpet and studied under Dr. John Bradley while playing Jazz Trumpet with the Augusta State Conservatory Jazz Band for several years.  Nathan developed his Voice skills with his mom and was accepted into Davidson Fine Art Magnet School's elite Vocal Ensemble being their first 9th grader.  He also gained top scores for State Voice Competitions while attending Davidson Fine Arts.  During his High School years Nathan remained busy playing many instruments; Violin, Drums, Trumpet, Voice, and Guitar.  It was in these years that Nathan also began writing songs and performing them within his band, soloing with Jazz Concerts, and recorded several of them which can be heard on the Guitar Tab of this website.  Nathan is a proficient musician in many areas and uniquely provides all musical elements to his teaching of guitar and song writing.